Monday, May 12, 2008


Yes, after 9 months in Japan, I will be making return, albeit brief, to the US of A. What can I expect? So much has happened since I boarded Continental Flight 008 for Narita.

To be honest, I am a little frightened. What will I do when I am treated to American style customer service (and by that I mean Lack-of-customer service)? I have been trained to accept a scenario where you get great service, even in the greatest of all American exports- McDonalds. Really, the service is incredible here. What will I do the first time someone forgets to say "thank you" or "your welcome"? Count to 10 I suppose?

And transportation. You can set your watch by the train and bus schedules. When they're late, the stationmaster gives you a note ( mentioned that last year). Good thing I will be driving and not taking NJT bus 163/164 or 158...

And the size of the food/servings. In Japan, it can be said that the servings are smaller than in the US. In fact the servings are really just the size of the servings that we all ate 25 years ago. I'm sure that will change too in time and emulate the American pattern. It might be a boon to the Sumo industry.

Living in another country makes you appreciate things that you normally take for granted. For me it's my family. My brother's wedding will allow my family to be together for a few days. Now that IS something to be afraid of!

To my Mother, happy Mothers' Day. Thanks for everything.

Be well,