Thursday, September 6, 2007


Irasshaimase: Hello and welcome to the inaugural posting on benthictones-the blog. Please don't confuse this for the site of benthictones-the breakfast cereal, benthictones-the tones to play when you're havin' more than one, or benthictones-mud. This is clearly not one of those other sites. However, this is a family-friendly site (I will keep it below PG-13 for sure). I hope you enjoy my attempt at an e-journal.


katy said...

I love that you have my name on your first blog!!!! Meatball & Mags miss their Uncle Patrick already!! You are a funny man. Are the Japanese funny? Do they like potty humor? Of course you should run ionto the only Japanese jazz bass player in the entire country!

Pop said...

I think that if the music field dries up - you should take up writing - I don't know how your humor comes through in Japan - maybe they also appreciate it - at least they haven't deported you ...yet!

Keep up the great blogging - and keep you head down - dozo.


Anonymous said...

Man you are funny. Have you EVER considered being a stand up comedian? I guess not. Your not one. But a writer maybe. BTW if you haven't guessed who I am by now (which you probably have) I'm James....James Werner. Former band student. Remember? Right, James. "It's all coming back to me now. After I hit my head it was hard remembering." Anyway. Congrats on not getting lost on the way. I started Classes in HS Monday. Made new friends and I have pretty good teachers. Jesuit school as you may know. But it's cool. I like it a lot. Advice for the head problem. Walk on your knees.