Sunday, September 30, 2007

Welcome to the 'hood, Part II

Like all famous pairings-Batman and Robin, Cagney and Lacey, and Salt-n-Peppa, most major Buddhist temples come with a partner. In the case of Honmonji, it's the 5-story pagoda. As mentioned before, the original, built in 1607, is still standing. The one at Epcot must be older though. I actually think that Spaceship Earth might be older, too (My sister-in-law Mary is cringing at this point-sorry Mary). Anyhow, here's another shot of my neighborhood.
Be well,


Pop said...

Since I am infamous for my painfully protracted explanations of very simple matters I've stumbled (age appropriate) on an easy answer to "What's Pat doing over there?" I simply respond - "It's an Off-Broadway Gig"
(Who said you can't teach old dogs new tricks!)

benthictones said...

it's actually off-off-off-off-off-across the international date line-Broadway

brifraz said...

Actually the opening of the pagoda was directly associated with that of Spaceship Earth. At the original dedication Future Corps played their now world famous "Drum Corps Salute to Buddha." If anyonne wants to borrow the CD, I have it.

benthictones said...

fray, you should out it on ebay...

TR said...

Nice neighborhood - looks a lot like River Avenue in Weehawkin or East Winds on 22. Emily wants to know where are the pics of the koi?

Did you get a webcam yet?

Take care. Be safe. Wear headgear.

Meg said...

Hi Patty! we miss you.
I hope you are making good use of Japanese technology

Chig said...


Do they have sausages over there? I'm hungry and it’ll be a couple of weeks before I’m stranded at EWR again.
In all seriousness, who exactly are you teaching? Are you gigging at all?
Email me your phone # when you get a chance (
Keep up the good blogging.
Be good brother,